Spotlight on: Industrial accents

Streetwear brands have been incorporating industrial accents into clothing for years. These accents even form the cornerstone of some brands’ visual identities – 1017 ALYX 9SM’s rollercoaster buckle is an iconic part of the brand’s language, for example, while Off-White regularly plays around with aspects of industrial design such as zip ties and packaging straps. Technical details such as cutting edge fabrics and hybrid tailoring abound at labels like A-COLD-WALL*, while names that have been big on the outerwear circuit for decades are having their day in the high fashion sun (think Arc’teryx and The North Face). 

After seeing the popularity of these details amongst their audiences, more traditional fashion houses took notice, bringing industrial accents into the luxury realm; yet another way that streetwear has been brought over into haute couture.

At AKA*, we’ve always loved exploring this aspect of fashion; the crossover between everyday objects and amazing clothing in unexpected ways. Here’s a rundown of our favourite industrial-inspired accents in this season’s collection.

The Bennett Sweat

The Bennett sweat features industrial influences throughout, from the literal definition of a ‘top’ on the large rectangular pocket at the front, to the adjustable clipped belt-style strap accompanying it. It’s completed at the back with our signature bright yellow loop strap, bringing a touch of workwear-inspired colour to the style.

The Piccadilly Hoodie

Our signature yellow loop tab repeats at the neck of the Piccadilly hoodie, adding a bright flash against the black backdrop. The Piccadilly also has striking black and white drawstrings at the neck which resemble electrical cables. In industrial settings, the combination of black, white and yellow sends the subliminal message of ‘caution’, too.

The Justice Hoodie

The Justice hoodie shows that the wearer needs to be handled with care! It borrows those two red arrows at the shoulder from packing boxes that read ‘this way up’, and features the same cable-inspired drawstrings as the Piccadilly.

Delaware Cargo Pants

The Delaware pants have a classic workwear cut with an industrial twist. Slick and simple in style, they feature X-shaped side release buckles and parachute-style taping at the cargo pockets which gives them a tough edge. Of course, like the rest of our clothes, they’re made to exceptionally high standards from quality fabric, backing up the slick, technical aesthetic.

You don’t have to dress head-to-toe in industrial-inspired detailing; pair any of these items with boxfresh trainers and something from our range of accessories to create a rounded streetwear look. Alternatively, you can mix and match trends, opting for sharper tailoring on the bottom when you go for a streetwear-inspired top, or vice versa; it’s all about finding your own style.

What’s your favourite aspect of industrial design that’s been repurposed by the fashion industry? And where will the inspiration take us in the future? Chat to us on Instagram – we would love to hear your thoughts!

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