About Us





Our customer has a certain sense of self, and with that comes a strong sense of style, they no longer want a total designer look, they want products that meet real lifestyle needs enhancing comfort and function.



We're driven by design and quality, we want to deliver investment pieces that are truly unique, product that complements your wardrobe beyond a single season.



,,,more than just a piece of clothing. Slipped on in seconds and moulded by the body our product is designed to reflect and embrace who you are – you’ll find each item has been laboured over with much consideration given to comfort, durability and the image reflected.



designed with attitude,,,



The ever-changing streetwear concept has taken on many forms from first being introduced to the fashion world in the 80’s, while keeping a distance from some aesthetics used, others have brought a freshness that can be classed as truly inspirational. Our passion is to create product that our customer is proud to be wearing, proud to be associated with,,, that confidence that only a quality product can bring. We trust our product conveys an honesty and purity that is rare today.



Music – Art - Fashion



There has never been a time when these three elements did not simultaneously bring influential change.

In a bygone era when Mozart & Beethoven where in concert, Van Gogh & Picasso where leaving there mark, while the good folk of the world wore frock coats and wigs,,,

A short while back Andy Warhol and the Beetles where influential to Ralph Lauren, Gucci etc

Today playlist is very different, Stormzy & Drake alongside Banksy and brands like Off-White are setting the tone for this generation.








We design with the planet in mind and incorporate eco-friendly practices in all aspects of our company, from the products we sell to our daily operations.



Sustainability is core to this.

We all know the urgency.

We all feel the responsibility.


That’s why we are striving to use the most sustainable options, from responsible sourcing, cleaner manufacturing and eco-innovations, if there’s a more sustainable option we’ll go after it.


For people.

For planet.

For a world that works,,,